• "Eye Of The Beholder"
  • "We Evolve Our Own"
  • "Imago"
  • "Short Adventures"
  • "Prism"
  • "Stone Soul"
  • "Work to Death"
  • "Matt's"
  • "Sharin Life"
  • "Beaty Rockwell"
  • "Juno Wanna"
  • "Missy Hyme"
  • "Shameless Beauty"
  • "Billy"
  • "These Are The Moments"
  • "Flower Child"
  • "Andy2"
  • "Andy"
  • "BRB"
  • "Pave The Way"
  • "Uncertain Foresite"
  • "Just Breathe"
  • "Ditchue C. Dat"
  • "Home"
  • "Foggy Dreams"
  • "Wise Fest"
  • "Grateful Playground"
  • "Discovering Nature"
  • "Natural Love"
  • "Family Portrait 2020"

Artist Statement

Nikki Bestul is an acrylic painter from Eau Claire, WI. Her paintings are inspired by what defines humans as individuals. Our society trains us to keep personal emotions quiet, even when we want to scream. Through her art, Nikki is able to untether those emotions. Her life adventures are reflected on the canvas to show the perspective of her heart. In her work, she explores her deepest feelings. Universal feelings that are whispers muttered in the back of most peoples’ minds. Bright colors are displayed to show the spectrum of emotional release. Her art invokes inspiration, strength, and determination.

Artist CV

2017     Ink and Print Sale/ Nov. 3-Jan. 10/ The Local Store & Volume One Gallery/ Eau Claire, WI 

2018     Solo Event/ Apr. 8- May 19/ Acoustic Cafe/ Eau Claire, WI

2018     Revival Festival/ Vendor/ May 23- May 27/ Harmony Park/ Geneva, MN

2018     Salem Glen Fiber and Art Fest/ Vendor/ Aug. 25/ Salem Glen Winery/ Rochester, MN

2018     Pancakes & Booze Art Show/ Oct. 12/ The Cabooze/ Minn., MN

2018     Ink & Print Sale/ Dec. 28- Jan. 5/ The Local Store & Volume One Galley/ Eau Claire, WI

2019     Feral Fest/ Vendor/ Aug. 24/ Hi Way Truck Repair/ Barron, WI

2019     Wise Fest/ Vendor/ Sept. 14/ Walworth County Fairgrounds/ Elkhorn, WI

2020     Pop Up Art Show/ Feb. 28-29/ Caffe Tempo/ Eau Claire, WI

2021     Spring Craft and Vendor Sale/ Apr. 24/ AmeriVu Inn & Suites/ Rice Lake, WI

2021      Art Festival/ May 8/ River Prairie Festival/ Altoona, WI 

2021 Spring Fling Art/ May 22/ Plaza Perk / Eau Claire, WI 

2021      Airing Out the Art/ Jun. 12/ Artisan Forge/ Eau Claire, WI 

2021 Art Market/ Jun. 19/ Phoenix Park/ Eau Claire, WI 

2021 Raining in the Art/ Jun. 26/ Banbury Place Building 13 Suite 120/ Eau Claire, WI

2021 Airing Out the Art/ Jul. 10/ Artisan Forge/ Eau Claire, WI

2021 Cooling Off the Art/ Jul. 24/ Artisan Forge/ Eau Claire, WI

2021 Sugar Magnolia Exhibit/ Aug. 28/ Wonders of Nature Café/ Eau Claire, WI

2021 River Prairie Celebration of Art/ Sept. 12/ River Prairie/ Altoona, WI

2021 Wise Fest/ Sept. 18/ Rising Moon Farm/ Hebron, IL

2021 Pancakes & Booze/ Sept. 24/ Lumber Exchange Event Center/ Minneapolis, MN

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